Water Heater Repair and Replacement Contractors in Greenville and Surrounding Areas

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

A water heater is something we don’t really think about and often take for granted, until it breaks down. When you suddenly don’t have hot water for things like taking a shower or washing dishes, you realize just how much it impacts your everyday life. If your water heater is showing signs of needing a repair or complete replacement, call on Panthers Plumbing for help!

Water Heater Repair in Greenville

Unfortunately, water heater breakdown is one of those occurrences that inevitably come with being a homeowner. It’s something we don’t want to deal with, but when it does happen, the effect it has on our everyday life is a major inconvenience. While some home improvements may be put off for a little while, a faulty water heater isn’t one of them. The longer you put it off, the more problems (and costly ones at that) can occur.

If your water heater is just not working correctly, it might mean a simple repair will be all that is needed to make it right. Oftentimes a burned-out heating element is the culprit and is a fairly easy replacement that can be done quickly. Panthers Plumbing has years of experience working on water heaters and can replace the heating element and have it working again in no time.

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Hot Water Heater Leaking?

Water heaters can last up to 15 years, but even in good shape they can be prone to leaking. This doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced, necessarily, but you do want to fix any leaks as soon as possible. An amount of water can cause damage, so it’s important to determine where the leak is coming from and what the cause of it is. It is recommended to turn off your water as soon as you have determined there is a leak. Then, call on local plumbing contractors to come assess the situation. Panthers plumbing will send out our professionals to determine where the leak is coming from and fix it. We know that no one wants to be without hot water, or no water at all, for any length of time.

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Water Heater Replacement Professionals

At Panthers Plumbing, our Greenville water heater contractors will do everything they can to get your system working again. However, sometimes a water heater just might be beyond repair and ultimately in need of replacement. Even the best water heaters won’t last past 15 years and it may be time to be completely replaced. In some cases replacing the water heater is more cost effective over time than continuously trying to repair an old one. Our team will do a thorough assessment of the water heater and determine if that is the necessary route to go. If so, we will do everything we can to replace the water heater and quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our experts will install the water heater with the utmost skill and precision ensuring as best as possible that your new water heater will not be prone to face any issues, like leaking, in the future.

Water Heater Repair Near Me

While some people think it would be easier and more cost effective to repair or replace a water heater on their own, that is NEVER a good idea. This can result in possible damage to your home or even injury to yourself. Water heater repair and replacement are jobs for an experienced professional to handle. Any mistakes in installation could cause more damage and cost more money in the long run.

Instead, call your trusted plumbing professionals, call Panthers Plumbing – your local plumbing company for all of your water heater repair and replacement needs.

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