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We are the leading appliance and plumbing installation and repair company in Greenville, SC. We have been providing installation and repair services for many years now; you can be sure that we know what it takes to install your appliances properly while providing outstanding customer service.

Quality Plumbing Installation Service in Greenville SC

When installing or repairing appliances that require plumbing in your business or home, as obvious as it may sound, it is important to do so correctly the first time, to stop any plumbing issues from occurring in the future. Our Plumbers are skilled and experienced professionals that you can trust to install your home or business appliances and plumbing needs in Greenville.

We offer the following installations:

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Our Plumbing Installation Services

Kitchen Faucet Installation

Looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen or do you have an old faucet that is constantly leaking? Whether it is replacing an old kitchen faucet with a brand new one, or repairing the one you currently have, we can help. Give us a call and we will send out a skilled contractor to take care of your needs.

Toilet Installation

If you have the need for a new toilet to be installed or your current one repaired, look no further. For the new toilet installation, we will remove the old one, install the new one, attach the flange bolts, wax ring and supply line, test it out to ensure it is working properly, and clean up the debris. If you think you may just have a leak and want to repair your current toilet, we can assess the situation and recommend if it can be fixed or if a new toilet is needed.

Water Heater Installation

If you are in need of a new water heater or water heater repair We can properly install both tankless and traditional options, including gas, electric and tankless gas water heaters. Whether you’re working in new construction and want a new tankless water heater installation or you simply need a water heater replacement, we can do the job. If your water heater is not that old and may just need new parts, we have you covered as well.

Water Softener Installation

Hard water in your home or business can be a nuisance. Between the hard water stain and the “feel” & taste of it, it’s not everyone’s preference. If you have decided you are ready for a water softener, or you have one and want it replaced, call us. We can do installations in both commercial and residential properties and will leave you satisfied with your “new” water for everyday use.

Appliance Installation

Finding a deal on an otherwise expensive appliance is always something to be excited about for home or business owners alike. However, with that deal comes the challenge of installation, as most installs are done only by larger companies when you purchase a full-priced appliance from them. Not to worry, our plumbers are experienced and skilled in all appliance installations, as well as being cost-competitive. Give us a call and we will install any appliance you have quickly and continue to help you save money.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Installing a garbage disposal sounds like a fairly easy DIY job. However, as with most appliances, if done incorrectly it can cause you more issues down the road. Don’t forget about the plumbing and wiring that is involved in the installation. Having an experienced professional install your new garbage disposal or replace your old one is recommended, so give your local, trusted plumbing company a call!

Choose Us For All Your Appliance Installation Needs

Our contractors is the team to call for all of your commercial and residential appliance installation and repair needs in Greenville area. We are your local company, Greenville, and can handle any job you have. Give us a call today and we can provide an estimate for the project you need one. We will provide 100% customer satisfaction with all of our work, guaranteed.

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